Online Employment Scam

We have been advised of numerous individuals applying for or being offered jobs with Aspire Capital Group or one of its subsidiaries as a result of emails and/or advertisements appearing on websites. These emails have not been sent, and these advertisements have not been placed, by us. We cannot accept any responsibility for these false advertisements or offers or the consequences of anyone responding to them.

We understand that these advertisements may be placed by persons who then seek employment fee or personal information which could potentially be used for identity fraud. If you have provided any personal information in response to any email or websites offering jobs with us, we recommend that you take action to minimize the risk of misuse of such information.

To inquire about employment at Aspire Capital, please forward a resume and cover letter by email to:

Please note that Aspire Capital does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance fee of any kind (i.e. placement fees, immigration processing fees, etc.)