Technical Support

Aspire Capital’s specialised range of technical support consultancy provides vital assistance to clients in areas of their business where in-depth knowledge of issues and techniques is critical.

Our technical support consultants’ help clients identify, assess, adopt and implement those approaches and techniques which will work for them and create real benefits.

Where appropriate, Aspire Capital contracts to provide outsourced technical services, allowing the client to concentrate on its core activities.

Maintenance and Reliability
Addressing all stages in the lifecycle, including availability studies, maintenance and inspection strategies and associated programmes, systems and training

Developing and supporting operational and project planning systems, to translate objectives or strategic plans into short-term practical work schedules

Logistics and Materials
Optimising key elements of the supply chain by assessing requirements then determining effective procurement, storage and transport approaches

Health, Safety and Environment
Assisting clients with management systems, audits and assessments, safety cases, and performance improvement initiatives

Defining competencies, analysing, training needs and developing, implementing and managing training programmes for both existing operations and new developments

Specialised support
Providing highly experienced management and technical personnel on a long or short-term basis across a wide range of functions

Project management
Combining  Aspire Capital’s range of skills and personnel to meet the needs of development projects throughout the world