Caring for Society

We believe that ethical and socially responsible operations are key to our long term growth. We care about the communities where we work – we are committed to working together with stakeholder groups to identify constructive solutions to shared problems, hiring locally, protecting the environment, and building partnerships that work.

We believe that corporate responsibility means conducting activities in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. We also believe it is our duty to observe and promote ethical business practices, and advocate respect and tolerance by and for all people.

Community Participation

We work to ensure that local communities receive long term, sustainable benefits from our operations. We are committed to consulting with local communities, governments and non-governmental organizations and our joint venture business partners to identify suitable projects and initiatives.

Health, Safety and Environment

We are committed to high standards in occupational health, safety and environment. We believe high standards are an essential part of achieving efficiency and profitability in the oil and gas business. Our objective is to continuously improve our environmental performance, managing our facilities in a way that protects the resources we share.