Exploration & Production

Novatec Energy is the exploration and production subsidiary of Aspire Capital. The core mission of Novatec Energy is to build a diversified portfolio of oil and gas assets in Nigeria and across Africa.

Novatec Energy Limited

‘’Exclusively focused on acquiring, developing and operating long-life oil & gas properties’’

About Novatec Energy

Novatec Energy is an independent Nigerian energy resources development company which is focused on upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas business in Nigeria and across Africa. Our businesses include oil and gas exploration, development and production, trading of crude oil and petroleum products with future plans to provide oilfield (energy) services.

Our operations include the trading & marketing of petroleum and petroleum products, in addition to our core Exploration and Production operations. Our future proposal includes plans to provide Energy (Oilfield) services and develop our downstream operations by acquiring and modernizing storage farms. Our focus includes creating strategic partnership for the future development of refineries, power generation and distribution.

Novatec Energy is a private company with headquarters in Port Harcourt and London. Our business model places a strong emphasis on forging the right partnerships to advance our interests in Nigeria.

The Company continues to review opportunities for acquisition, joint ventures, or investments in the resources sector in order to enhance shareholder value.

Our business proposition is to become a fully integrated energy company, focusing on upstream, midstream and downstream operations within the Nigerian energy sector.

Potential investors and potential industry partners are encouraged to contact us to discuss opportunities for co-venturing.