Aspire Capital Consulting

Aspire Capital Consulting, specialise in providing high level management and technical consulting services to the oil and gas, chemical, process, mining and related sectors.

We help our customers achieve world-class performan- ce from their assets by providing expertise, novel methods and tools to realise....

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Exploration & Production

Novatec Energy Limited

Novatec Energy is the cornerstone for Aspire Capital's upstream activities. The core mission of Novatec Energy is to build a diversified portfolio of exploration, development, production and marketing assets in Nigeria and across Africa

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Other Energies

Aspire Capital believes it is necessary to explore a diverse range of energy sources to ensure both economic and environmental sustainability in Africa.

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Aspire Capital is a major supplier of a range of oil field equipment and materials. The company has established strong relationships with a huge array...

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We believe that ethical and socially responsible operations are key to our long term growth. We care about the communities where we work...

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Aspire Capital buys, sells, stores and trades crude oil and petroleum products. These products include third-party sourced material...

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